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Roof and Attic Inspection | Brampton

Mike's Property Inspection provides accurate roof and attic inspection in Caledon.

Accurate Roof Inspection

When I come to your place for a home inspection, I strive to ensure that you get the most detailed report. I founded Mike's Property Inspection so that I can bring my knowledge and expertise to homeowners, property sellers, and real estate agents.

I perform a thorough inspection of your roof:

  • to ensure your roof vents are not blocked
  • to search for the presence of damage or debris around chimneys and skylights
  • to check the strength of your external components
  • to analyze the interior roofing components as well

My services include:

  • Home inspection
  • Ground inspection
  • Roof and attic inspection
  • Exterior cladding inspection
  • Plumbing and HVAC inspection

I guarantee:

  • Detailed and comprehensive inspection reports
  • Easy and thorough home inspections
  • Complete home inspection, from ground to HVAC systems
  • Maintenance tips for prevention of future possible failures


  • Brampton
  • Mississauga
  • Caledon
Roof and Attic Inspection Brampton

I ensure your roof is strong and well-maintained


Attic Inspection Checklist

Attics are the most under-inspected areas of a home. Over the years, they build up dust and grime and need regular restoration and care.

That is why I created Mike's Property Inspection! I intend to check every aspect of your attic to ensure it is well-maintained. From the insulation and water damage analysis to easy access and proper ventilation, I guarantee a complete attic inspection service.

I’m proficient in complete home inspections, including:

  • ground
  • exterior cladding
  • plumbing and HVAC


Roof and Attic Inspection Brampton

Ensuring your attic is well-insulated and ventilated


Talk to me!

I am a certified and licensed home inspector.

Contact me today at 647-991-1856 to get your complete home inspection report!

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